Stop! Think… autism?

The autism community deserves better from organisations.

My autistic behaviour is constantly met by accusation and inconsiderate responses. I believe this is frequently for two reasons:

1. They don’t stop and think, could there be another explanation for this ‘odd’ behaviour?

2. Even if they realise I am autistic, they don’t know how to support me.

There is no one better to help with these two issues than the autism community themselves. Nothing about us, without us.

This campaign seeks to gain input from as many autistic adults, and parents of autistic people, as possible. To then put that feedback into a 30-minute online training course, that will be provided to organisations, for free!

So much of the autism training out there focuses on the theory behind autism. This training will focus on practical ways a public-facing employee can help autistic people.

The plan:

1. Distribute an online questionnaire to as many of the autism community as we can reach in order to understand what we want organisations to know.

2. Build a 30-minute training course online, from the feedback of the community.

3. Contact as many organisations as possible and encourage them to complete the free training. This will be tracked on a worldwide and UK map. Let’s see how many companies we can reach with our autism community-built training!

Questionnaire: here! Please share to as many of the autism community as you can!

Funding: You can help fund the questionnaire, training and campaign here

Contact: If you want to get involved you can email [email protected]