‘[She] translates the world for us while we help her understand her son.’

Walter O’Brien, Scorpion

A consequence of living as an autistic adult in a neurotypical (not autistic) dominated world is I have become pretty good at translating behaviours.

I have been inadvertently translating my autistic brother for my family for years. For over a year I have been answering parents and employers questions about how to support autistic people in their lives.

Anyone who seeks to understand and support us (autistic people) will always have my full support. From parents to employers if you want to pick my brains on something then my ‘door’ is open. You can email me at [email protected]

As well as a lifetime as an autistic adult and helping to raise an autistic brother, I have:
– Level 2 certificate in Understanding Autism
– Level 2 certificate in Awareness of mental health problems
– Accounting and finance degree
– Almost finished Master’s in business management in financial services

Please note I am not, nor ever plan to, charge for this. If you want to support us then I want to help you.