About Rosie Weldon

I am an autistic accountant living and working in the North West of England.

I set my sights on being an accountant at 16 and it has been an incredibly rough journey between then and now. I have hit rock bottom and as JK Rowling said, it became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. When you look a depression that dark straight in the eye you come out with a whole new perspective on what matters in life. It is because of this I advocate strongly for the inclusion and support of those with a neurodiversity (autism, dyslexia etc), as well as for mental health awareness/understanding.

I share my life openly and honestly in my blog posts and books to help people understand autistic life.

Be patient, be kind.

– To become a chartered management accountant through CIMA.
– Master of Arts in Business Management in Financial Services.

I have:
– First class Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.
– Level 2 in Understanding Autism.
– Level 2 in Awareness of Mental Health