Sensory gifts

Individual packs sent = 741
Boxes sent = 21
Countries sent to = 7

Children reached = 1,289
Adults reached = 26

The Sensory Gift Project is back! So far I have reached almost a thousand children and can’t wait to reach more. If you have a neurodiverse (dyslexia, autism, adhd etc) child and wish to request a free sensory gift pack then please use the below form.

The packs include sensory fidget toys in a bag to help neurodiverse children cope with the challenges they face, which are especially difficult as the world re-opens.

I will also be sending boxes of sensory gift items to schools. The boxes include items such as ear defenders, mental health books and fidget toys. These will be sent to schools I already have listed.

These packs and boxes continue to put smiles on the faces of children who are really struggling to adjust to these difficult times. The smiles on the children’s faces receiving them says it all 🙂

Individual requests: Please use the below form.
Please note you can request from anywhere in the world but I am limited in how many non-UK ones I can send due to funding limits. Please don’t request one if you have already received a pack.

Please include the full address and country (even if in the UK)
Please use this space to add any additional information.