Dogami tech launch application

Dogami put out a call for applications for their tech launch – 100 Dogamers to get first access and testing of the game!

My application:


‘So… I have an idea,’ I said to my partner.

‘Oh no,’ she replied.

‘No, wait, hear me out first!’ I pleaded.


‘I want to buy a dog’ I said, before quickly adding, ‘a digital dog’.

‘What on earth is a digital dog’ she asked, eyebrows raised.

2 months later – June

‘Just one more box!’ my partner asked, her eyes full of excitement. ‘It could be another diamond!’

I laughed as I scrolled looking for more boxes. How could I say no? I went to her with a crazy plan to buy a digital dog and she trusted that I knew what I was doing. My faith in Dogami and its future was contagious, and she was now absolutely along for the ride with me. Whatever happened, we were in this together now.

‘A bronze greyhound’ she said.

I laughed. Typical.

2 months later – August

‘So, there’s these quests, and you get points! And a leader board! I need to do 3 screenshots every day and then, wait, look, I’m top! See! I’m top place!’ I bounced in my chair as I told her all about Crew and how I was going to come top place by the end of the month.

‘You’re crazy,’ she laughed and walked off. Maybe I was in this particular Dogami venture on my own!

1 month later – September

‘Applications today, right?’ she asked as I walked downstairs to get tea. I had been up since 6am to get work done before the applications opened.

‘What are you going to do for it?’

I looked at her. I wasn’t sure. I’m not very creative. How do I get across to the team that I believe in Dogami? How do I tell them that they have given me and my partner something to be excited about in a world full of terrible things? That I get to log on to my job and have my Dogami family there on discord throughout the day. That I would love to help them develop the game and give my time and effort to the growth of Dogami as a game and brand.

‘I don’t know’ I said. ‘I guess I’ll hope it comes across somehow, how much I love and believe in Dogami.’

My application was successful! I will be posting updates and insights into the testing on my Dogami page 🙂