Hey! Welcome to my all things Dogami page.
What is Dogami?
Dogami is a mobile game that is currently in development. You adopt and raise puppies while earning $DOGA, which is the in game currency. The cool thing? This is an actual crypto currency. Yes, crypto currency sounds overwhelming, all it means is $DOGA can be changed into your own currency. It’s that simple. Earn $DOGA in the game, use it in game, or change it to your own currency. When I say ‘adopt’ a dog, I mean you literally adopt and own your digital (NFT) dog. It’s your dog to raise and teach, level up and earn from (or sell should you wish).

(Dogami site for more info on what’s planned)

Why am I posting about Dogami?
The short answer is – because it’s my special interest and has brought me a huge amount of enjoyment. I recently wrote an application for their tech launch, which you can read here that gives insight into what Dogami means to me.

What next?
I will use this page to link to various insights and updates on Dogami as the game gets closer. Right now we are just about to start the tech launch which is 100 Dogamers (myself included) playing the game for the first time. In November there will be a free to play version which I will also delve into and explain as we go!

Want to know more about Dogami?
One of the main reasons I love Dogami is because the discord is such a safe and welcoming place (not something you see often on the internet!). So you could join the main Discord here or I am also part of a Dogami club that has a Discord here if you’d rather less people. My Discord ID is Rosie Weldon so you can easily find me on both Discords should you want to. Failing that feel free to contact me on twitter if you aren’t sure what on earth I am on about when I say Discord!